You've missed your period, peed on a stick and "TA-DA", two magic little lines appear and you are pregnant..........


Now what?..........

Your pregnancy hormones start to kick in and you start to feel physically sick, you're exhausted morning and night and you're stressed about trying to keep your pregnancy undercover for the moment. You're frustrated at your partner because he has no idea exactly how exhausted and sick you are feeling ALL THE TIME and you are getting tired of him trying to fix things he can't. You start to feel the inkling of fear rise to your surface as the thought of miscarriage becomes apparent. You feel torn. You want to keep your pregnancy under wraps for now but you want...... you need some emotional support. You want someone that understands just how crappy you are feeling, you want someone to hold you and tell you IT'S OK, YOU'VE GOT THIS! You want someone to connect with, to share your thoughts, your concerns and your emotions. You want someone to cry with, you want someone that understands your fears, acknowledges them and validates your feelings in a non judgemental way. You want someone that listens to you, someone that truly hears what you are saying and doesn't try to fix things, you want to feel heard.

 Hi! I am Kirra, I am that someone!

kirra selfie1.jpg

I am here for you......

I am here for you when you just find out you're pregnant. I am here for you when you need support now but don't want to share your pregnancy with the world just yet. I understand exactly where you are now, I've been there myself. I understand how important it is to get emotional support and what a positive difference it can have during your journey. I am here for you and I would love to connect with you!

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Pregnancy and Birth will be one of the most powerful yet vulnerable experiences in your life! Together we will delve deep into your fears, uncertainty and doubt, changing any negative beliefs you have into positive, empowered, belief. Want to work together? I'd love to hear from you

7 Pregnancy Affirmations available for instant download

7 Pregnancy Affirmations available for instant download