Thanks for visiting my page. Here is a little bit about me and my journey to becoming a Doula


Hi! My name is Kirra Guest. I live in Yeppoon, Queensland with my husband and our two beautiful, lively little boys and the newest addition, our little daughter. I never in my life, realised how profoundly my birth experiences would change me. The birth of my first son rocked the world as I knew it and changed me forever! I learnt so many new things about myself, that I never knew existed before. A new found strength and determination was born but a feeling of shock and disbelief shook me to my core! 

My first son’s birth was a planned caesarean as he was in the footling breech position. I knew I had to have a caesarean, yet I felt unprepared and was left feeling traumatised by my birth experience. I lived in a haze of darkness and tears for the first three months of my son's life. I thought that was just how all new mothers felt, I thought my feelings were "normal". I found motherhood challenging in the beginning, I lacked the right support, and as I struggled to learn the skills of breastfeeding and being a new mum I developed Postnatal Depression.

Overcoming Postnatal Depression took years and during that time I realised my birth experience had a lot to do with my feelings and how my postpartum period unfolded. I promised myself I would never again let myself feel so out of control, so disconnected and disempowered from my body, mind, soul and my baby. One year after the birth of my first son I suffered an early miscarriage. It was a devastating time for me, I struggled emotionally, feeling so alone in that time and became fearful of another pregnancy. I never in my life thought a miscarriage would happen to me, but it did. I was left feeling angry and scared! Angry that the joy, excitement and pureness of pregnancy was ripped from me and I knew I would never enjoy another pregnancy the way I did with my first. 

When our third baby was conceived I was scared. I struggled to connect with him, for fear of losing another baby. Half way through my pregnancy I discovered yoga which enabled me to break my barrier of protection and allow myself to connect with my second son. Shortly after I came across a Doula. After promising myself I would never allow myself to feel out of control, disconnected and disempowered again, I hired a Doula and learnt to work through my fears and started envisioning my desired birth. With my new found confidence and trust within my body and mind and a wonderful support team I went on to have a healing, empowering Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC).    

 It took the birth of my second son for me to realise my life's purpose, supporting women through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. I am a Doula. I experienced first hand the difference birth preparation, self care and the right support can make to a birth experience. The birth of my second son was the total opposite of my first birth, and I realised how labour and birth didn't have to be something to fear. Receiving the right support during my pregnancy and gaining knowledge and confidence within myself helped me achieve my desired birth and enabled me to feel empowered and have a beautiful birth experience. I love to impart that knowledge with other women, and feel it is a privilege to support the journey of women discovering how amazing they are.

With my daughters birth I felt prepared, confident, strong and fearless as I planned her homebirth. All of my births have been so different, for me each experience has gotten better. I found my inner confidence, I learnt to move through my fears, I found the right support team and I surrendered, I embraced and I enjoyed my birthing process. I'm here to tell you your birth experience doesn't have to be filled with fear. Your birth experience can be positive and empowering! I'm here to let you know I want to support you during your pregnancy and birth and help guide you on your path of strength, wisdom, confidence and empowerment!


 Becoming a mother is such a transformative experience. Birth is an experience like no other and it is something you will remember for the rest of your life. I believe by having the right support during your pregnancy and labour, your birth experience can be an empowering one! I became a doula to support you physically, spiritually and emotionally during your pregnancy and birth journey. I believe you have the power within and my role as your Doula is to help you unlock that power and let it shine through, while feeling supported in your every step.


I provide pregnancy, postnatal and breastfeeding support. I am an Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and I make custom birth affirmation buntings and pregnancy belly casts


Giving birth has such an impact on your life! With the right support I believe It is possible to have a positive and enjoyable birth experience!