"Kirra is amazing! I wanted someone that understood my beliefs and I found that in Kirra. Having Kirra as our Doula made me feel positive, confident, more in control and alert. Kirra went above and beyond, if I ever had a question she would always find the answer and made me feel at ease. Kirra set up our video camera, continually offered sips of water, was always calm and without even saying a word gave me energy and confidence. Everything Kirra did was perfect. I felt she really understood me". - Tabitha Lindeman, the birth of Reeve. 

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for coming to our house and getting us organised and making sure we got photos and video of our son's birth. It was great having Kirra as our Doula, knowing we had her to call and she knew our birth plan. It was great having Kirra thinking and helping with everything so I could focus on my wife". - Matt Lindeman

"I felt completely supported having Kirra as our doula. Kirra made sure that I took care of myself and assisted in managing my pain as naturally and as best as I could. I think it's important Kirra knows that without her, this birth would have been a scary experience. Instead I feel empowered by it. I don't see this birth as anything but amazing. The debrief after the birth was amazing and I will always cherish that". - Gabby Hunt, the birth of Bessie

"Having Kirra was great for all those little things you try and do for your wife when she is in labour and you need an extra set of hands. With Kirra's support I was able to support my wife more and not have to worry about getting other things, Kirra was able to do that for me. We were very lucky to have such a great person as our doula and could not have asked anything more of Kirra. I really appreciated having Kirra there for support not only for Gabby but myself". - John Hunt

"I hired Kirra to obtain more detail about the process of a natural birth before attempting a VBAC. Kirra's support pre-birth assisted to manage my anxiety about birthing naturally, not having experienced it before. Kirra spoke with my husband about the labour process and provided practical tips to him to support me while in labour. I would not have gone into labour with the positive outlook I did, without Kirra's input. Thank you! Thank you so much Kirra for your time, understanding, knowledge sharing and support". - Angela Kent, the birth of Georgia

"I went to see Kirra for a once-off appointment when I needed someone to talk to about having a breech baby.
She was able to talk me through my fears about a breech birth and helped me realise why I felt that way, which in itself reduced my anxiety.
Kirra explained to me what options I might have and what I could do to stay in control of my birth, which was the root of my fear.
I'm glad I was able to access Kirra's services and can recommend her very highly!" - Brooke Glover

"Unfortunately I didn't have Kirra with my first child but I wish I did. Kirra was my Doula at the birth of my second daughter. Kirra was very helpful and supportive with her ongoing support and knowledge. Together we discussed my birth wishes, talked about the options I had, and worked through the fears and concerns from my previous birth experience. Kirra would answer my questions at any time of the day and having Kirra at my midwives appointments was a blessing as she would remind me to ask heaps of questions, which I would of forgotten to ask if she wasn't there. Having the right support from Kirra during my pregnancy lead me to feel calm, fearless, confident and happy, which I couldn't of done without Kirra. After the birth of my daughter I have had no anxiety, no tiredness and no stress, which helped me have a great and happy baby - mother relationship and made breastfeeding an easy thing to do as well. The photos that Kirra took during my birth day for me were priceless and beautiful. Having Kirra was an amazing experience for me and my husband and we would highly recommend Kirra to anyone whether you are a first time mum or not". - Dina Fowler, the birth of Summer